About reviews and sample policy

About reviews: Any wine reviews that appear on this blog are my own, entirely biased opinion on wines tasted at public tastings, wineries, or  home.

About samples: Contact me at erika.szymanski@wineoscope.com 

Wine reviews aren’t my reason for being, but if there’s an interesting story behind a wine, I’m likely interested. If I’ve received a sample and I write about it, I’ll say so.

2 thoughts on “About reviews and sample policy

  1. I I have been writing a wine column for the “Citrus County Chronicle” for many years. I would like to use your “white wine may be good forf you too” in a story. I will mention your blog in quotes”. Trust that is okay with you? Ron Drinkhoouse

    • Ron, citation with attribution is always appropriate. Wholesale cutting-and-pasting or republication without asking first is a different matter, but I’m always happy for people to borrow an idea or a quote and mention where they found it. Thanks for asking.

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